The Center for Zebrafish Research (CZR) at the University of Notre Dame is housed in approximately 3,000 square feet in the Galvin Life Science building. The CZR consists of eight double-sided racks and 38 single-sided racks that allow for a flexible arrangement of tanks from 1.5 to 8 liters in size. Racks are maintained on multiple, independent life-support systems to minimize a catastrophic event to the entire system. A separate room houses the zebrafish nursery. The approximate total capacity of the CZR is 120,000 adult zebrafish (one of the largest systems in the Midwest).

The CZR provides several services including the generation of ENU-induced mutants and screening of mutant phenotypes, the introduction of morpholinos into embryos and some adult tissues to assay for loss-of-function phenotypes of specific target proteins, and microinjection of DNA constructs and subsequent analysis of transgenic lines.

For more information, contact:
David Hyde, Ph.D.
264 Galvin Life Sciences Center
(574) 631-8054

Galvin Life Sciences Center