Mission Statement

Grow, strengthen, promote, and safeguard the research enterprise at Notre Dame

Vision Statement

Provide the vision and support to advance research, scholarship, and creative expression at Notre Dame to help the University become a preeminent research university with a distinctive Catholic character.

University & OVPR Values

  • Accountability

    Takes responsibility and ownership for decisions, actions and results. accountable for both how and what is accomplished.

  • Teamwork

    Works cooperatively as a member of a team and is committed to the overall team objectives rather than own interests.

  • Integrity

    Demonstrates honest and ethical behavior that displays a high moral standard. widely trusted, respectful and honorable.

  • Leadership in Excellence

    Demonstrates energy and commitment to improving results, takes initiatives often involving calculated risks while considering the common good.

  • Leadership in Mission

    Understands, accepts and supports the Catholic mission of the university and fosters values consistent with that mission.


  • People and Resources

    Recruit, develop, and retain talented people and ensure that the OVPR has the human, financial, and technical capacity to advance Notre Dame’s research mission.

  • Customer Service

    Provide exceptional service to the research community that is proactive, friendly, effective and responsive.

  • Research Infrastructure

    Build and support appropriate units to grow and strengthen the University’s infrastructure that is needed to support research across and within colleges and schools.

  • Research Administration

    Assist faculty in obtaining and managing sponsored research grants through assistance with applications and administration of awarded funds.

  • Technology Transfer

    Provide proactive outreach and service to Notre Dame researchers, to enhance protect, and commercialize innovations, and to facilitate economic development.

  • Compliance

    Ensure that the University complies with applicable research regulation and legislation through active monitoring of the environment, management of internal controls and anticipation and planning for future requirements.

  • Research Development

    Develop and cultivate relationships with benefactors, funding agencies, and government officials to actively monitor upcoming opportunities and to help faculty members to secure support for Notre Dame’s research efforts.

  • Celebrate Innovation and Success

    Highlight and publicize successes in research, scholarship and creative endeavor to relevant internal and external audiences.