NDR Division Internal Playbook

Notre Dame Research believes

...People are intrinsically motivated to do a good job; that autonomy, mastery, purpose, relationships, and progress work together to drive our motivation; that diversity fosters creativity and productivity; that inclusivity is essential to our culture; that we can invite disagreement and still collaborate to build solutions; that we can strive to be Responsive, Effective, and Friendly while also creating the space and time needed to take care of ourselves and one another; that we can achieve our goal of being a Great Place to Work with intentional action. 

Why a Playbook?

The NDR Internal Division Playbook is a resource developed by the Finance and Administration Team under the direction of the Vice President for Research. The playbook originated in Fall 2020 as a centralized repository for information about reopening campus with COVID-19 protocols in place.

The playbook's purpose has now expanded to convey and consolidate division-specific processes and policies, best practices, and tools in an easy-to-update format online. Most importantly, the playbook is a way to capture the culture of NDR and articulate the values we seek to exemplify in our daily operations. 

This playbook seeks to:

  1. Represent the division's values
  2. Increase transparency and accountability
  3. Communicate the division's priorities and must-know information
  4. Preserve institutional memory

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