Hiring a new employee is one of the most critical duties managers perform. Finding the right person for the job can propel your unit to better teamwork and greater success. Notre Dame Research is committed to creating a community that fosters equity of experience and opportunity and ensures that all research team members of all backgrounds feel safe, welcome, and included. Our culture of openness, freedom, and belonging makes it a special place for our research team, partners, and collaborators.

Hiring is a collaborative effort between units, Notre Dame Research, and Human Resources. Within NDR, the hiring process has five stages: Plan > Source > Screen > Interview > Offer



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Time and attention during the planning stage will speed up the interview and selection phases. Quickness is critical for securing top candidates who are likely considering other opportunities. 

  1. Contact the Director of Finance and Administration
  2. Complete the Staff Position Management Form
  3. Identify members of the Search Committee 
    • NDR requires that hiring managers involve a search committee to fill all of their open positions. Search committees may range in size from two people to several depending on the position. 
    • Search committees should represent the diversity that the University seeks to promote in our community to ensure anyone who lives, teaches, studies, or works at Notre Dame is included and feels embraced whatever their background or identity.
      • Diversity includes racial or ethnic background, religion, philosophy, ideology, experience, gender, socioeconomic status, and more. Read more at diversity.nd.edu.
    • Guide - How to Create an Efficient and Effective Search Committee 



Attracting a talented and diverse applicant pool requires intentional effort and strategic messaging. 

  1.  Write a compelling job post for ND.jobs/HR
    • The job post should not be a copy/paste of the position description but rather a marketing advertisement that excites potential candidates about the open position, your unit, and NDR. Ask the Director of Finance and Administration or your HR recruiter for feedback on your draft post or for help infusing it with your team's culture and style.
  2. Complete an Intake Meeting with the HR recruiter and DEI catalyst (for exempt-level position only).
    • Intake meetings were added to the hiring process as part of the HR Diversity Initiative to support the University's diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals. After the position has been approved by both NDR and HR, the assigned recruiter will contact the hiring manager to schedule an Intake Meeting to discuss strategies to progress ND's DEI goals. Topics will include:
      • Creation of a diverse search committee
      • Meeting diversity requirements in the candidate pool
      • Expectations and future check-ins with the HR recruiter 
      • Available DEI resources to assist you in the recruitment process
  3. Post the position on ND.jobs/HR


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Narrowing down the applicant pool once the diversity threshold for applicants has been met is the job of the hiring manager in consultation with NDR, HR, and the search committee.

  1. Discuss the diversity of the applicant pool with the assigned HR recruiter (for exempt-level positions only).
    • The HR Diversity Initiative requires that a threshold for the applicant pool for every position be assessed, measured, and reached prior to starting interviews. If the threshold is not met, NDR and the HR recruiter will work with the hiring manager to increase the diversity of the applicant pool. 
  2. Evaluate applicants based on job-specific criteria. 
    • Your HR recruiter and/or DEI catalyst may be available to conduct initial telephone interviews to narrow the applicant pool. 



Hiring managers have the freedom to design the interview process from start to finish. 

  1. Read or review interview guidelines.
  2. Host in-person interviews.
  3. HR Recruiter will offer to connect top candidates with HR's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).
    • After interviewing, give the names of the finalists to the HR recruiter will offer candidates the option of meeting with a representative of an ERG. This is critical for displaying an inclusive and welcoming environment. 
  4. Select the final candidate.
    • Be cautious of "fit." Feeling like a candidate is "the right fit" sometimes means that the person is similar in background, experience, education, or opinion to the members of the existing team. However, studies have shown that diverse teams host shorter meetings and make decisions more quickly, which leads to greater productivity. 


Offer Letter Graphic
A congratulatory offer letter communicates enthusiasm and sets the stage for successful onboarding.

Just like the four previous stages of the hiring process, the offer stage is a team effort. Only extend an offer to the final candidate after it has been approved by NDR.

  1. Check the final candidate's professional references.
  2. Before making any verbal offers, discuss your recommended salary with the Director of Finance and Administration to ensure unit and division equity based on the candidate's qualifications.  
  3. Send your draft offer letter to the Director of Finance and Administration for approval.
  4. Inform the Director of Finance and Administration and the HR recruiter when the offer is accepted. 
Need Additional Information?

If you have questions or ideas for additional resources in this playbook, please contact the Director of Finance and Administration.