Speak Up & Speak Out

Using our voices will be essential to navigating our work environment after the pandemic. Each of us shares the responsibility of contributing to our work environment in a way that is friendly, supportive, and team-oriented.


Use Your Voice Graphic

To make an anonymous report, please use the Notre Dame Integrity Line. To report a concern specific to the Lab/Studio Reopening, please use this form, which can be submitted anonymously. Protocols and policies are written by people who have put their passion, expertise, and hard work into thinking through a lot of possible scenarios. But with so many variables at play, issues that no one anticipated will always arise. 

Use your voice to express concern if you see a potential problem brewing; if you feel unsafe; or if you think a change in safety guidelines or procedures is needed. We encourage you to speak first with your supervisor. NDR’s Human Resources Consultant is available for HR-related concerns. For urgent and critical concerns that could impact safety and well-being, please contact the Vice President for Research.



As we resume normal activities in the post-pandemic world, our jobs and our personal lives may feel more demanding. For all of us, amplifying the positive will be invaluable. Take the time to thank a co-worker for a job well done. Offer to lend a hand. Send your colleagues an email or chat message to let them know you are thinking about them, even if you are no longer sharing an office (or waiting in line for the microwave). Look for the good stuff and draw attention to it. Isolating ourselves or ignoring conflicts will exaggerate differences in opinion and foster interpersonal difficulties. Instead, address conflicts early on with respect and care in the spirit of problem-solving.


Have an idea of something that might be useful for our division? Please use this anonymous feedback form or contact the Director of Finance and Administration