Level Up

How can I improve?

Neon sign spelling the phrase level up
The phrase "level up" originated among gamers and can mean making progress in any area of life.

NDR offers development opportunities as well as house-made resources that can help you level up in your job. Developing our own offerings helps shape our workplace culture and provides a common language for employees and managers to discuss growth opportunities, promotions, accommodations, and more.

Popularized by gaming communities (i.e., people who play role-based games or computer/video games together regularly), the phrase "level up" has crept into the mainstream and can refer to making a move for the better in your personal life or your career.

Notre Dame Research values continual learning whether it's on-the-job training, professional development, or just following your curiosity about a topic that made you stop and think.

Intrinsic Motivation

NDR is committed to investing in strategies that will move the division forward and help make it "A Great Place to Work." Unlocking the power of intrinsic motivation is one of the keys to increasing both workplace productivity and satisfaction for employees—a win-win for everyone.


NDR encourages managers to promote a "coaching culture" with their employees. Coaching management relies less on telling staff what and how to do specific tasks and more on how to develop our staff to their full potential.

Other Development & Training

  • Be a REF-ie — Responsive, Effective, and Friendly
  • Skillport — Online professional development for Notre Dame faculty and staff

Research Administration


If you have questions or ideas for additional resources in this playbook, please contact the Director of Finance and Administration