Previous REFie Awardees

The REF-ies are NDR’s annual internal achievement awards honoring faculty and staff who uphold and demonstrate the values of being Responsive, Effective, and Friendly. Below are the previous awardees: 

2021 Joanna McNulty NDR Administration
2021 Michael Pfrender Genomics & Bioinformatics Core Facility 
2021 Melissa Stephens Genomics & Bioinformatics Core Facility
2021 Kelly Thomson Eck Institute for Global Health
2020 Katie Cybulski NDR Project Management
2020 Laura Kresnak Center for Research Computing
2020 Ginger Sigmon ND Energy
2020 Meghan Sullivan Institute for Advanced Study
2019 Nancy Nalepinski NDR Administration
2019 Joe Admave Radiation Laboratory
2019 Ed Ackerley NDR Proposal Preparation
2019 Alan Seabaugh NDnano
2018 Sherry DePoy Environmental Research Center
2018 Laura Mortlock-McMinn Radiation Laboratory
2018 Tony Cobb NDR Facilities Management
2018 Paul Brenner Center for Research Computing
2017 Theresa Bollinger Integrated Imaging Facility
2017 Alex Hardy Environmental Change Initiative
2017 Heather Boyd NDR Research Development
2017 Hildegund Muller Associate Vice President for Research
2016  Heidi Deethhardt NDnano
2016  Tina Chandler NDR Administration
2016 Jarek Nabrzyski Center for Research Computing