What is flow and how can I enter a state of flow?

You may download a transcript of the video by clicking here.

Suggested Activity

Flow graphic
Predicting mental state is possible with Csikszentmihalyi’s model by comparing perceived challenge level against perceived skill level. The state of flow is when we are most content, productive, and creative.

Reflect: When have you experienced flow either at work or in your personal life? What factors were most important to achieving it? Could you replicate those circumstances to bring more “flow” into your day-to-day life? 

Is there an aspect of your job that creates anxiety where you could benefit from training or more oversight from your manager as you learn the ropes? On the flip side, is there an aspect of your job that saps your energy and brings on a deluge of low motivation? Is there a way you could increase the challenge level of this activity to catapult out of the apathy zone? 

Take to Your Team

Discuss when you have experienced flow individually, either at work or home. Then brainstorm about your team’s shared work and evaluate whether any tasks could benefit from entering into flow as a team.