Our Culture

Making NDR a Great Place to Work

NDR is committed to investing in strategies that will move the division forward and help make it a "Great Place to Work." This work is about more than compensation and benefits. It's about creating a workplace that supports individuals in their career goals and provides the resources, training, and opportunities for employees at all levels to flourish. It means prioritizing people and culture, not relegating them to an afterthought. NDR has put in place several programs to shape its workplace culture and to help staff and managers prioritize what is most important. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

NDR recognizes that to be a Great Place to Work everyone must feel like they belong. Through the newly formed, employee-led Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee, the division hopes to identify and implement policies and practices that ensure that each member is included and has the opportunity to pursue their goals while making their unique contribution to the organization.

Intrinsic Motivation

Unlocking the power of intrinsic motivation is one of the keys to increasing both workplace productivity and satisfaction for employees—a win-win for everyone.


NDR encourages managers to promote a "coaching culture" with their employees. Coaching management relies less on telling staff what and how to do specific tasks and more on how to develop our staff to their full potential.

Responsive, Effective, and Friendly

NDR calls all of its staff and faculty to be Responsive, Effective, and Friendly and recognizes those who embody these values in an extraordinary way with the annual REF-ie awards. 

Past Initiatives

A familiar adage asserts that progress is only possible because we are building on the work of those who came before us. The quote which is attributed to Isaac Newton states, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Likewise, NDR recognizes all of the great work done by its employees over the last several years has laid the foundation for its success today. Read more about the Great Place to Work (GPW) initiative and other past programs that have helped shape NDR's culture. 


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