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Hybrid Work Pilot Program 

While not all roles in NDR are well-suited to working off-site, we believe our staff is intrinsically motivated to do good work wherever they are. NDR is proud to participate in the new Hybrid Work Pilot Program (HPP), which allows employees to work remotely up to two days a week with approval from their manager. Conversations about eligibility for the HPP should occur between managers and their employees using the guiding principles and decision tree linked below:

Units whose employees utilized flexible work arrangements prior to COVID-19 are welcome to return to those pre-pandemic arrangements without formalization via the HPP. However, some may wish to convert those flexible arrangements into the HPP.

Please reach out to the Director of Finance and Administration and the Vice President for Research if you have questions or concerns about the HPP. 

Additional Resources

Pulse Survey Results


The Pulse Survey administered by NDR in Spring 2021 showed great progress in the area of effective communication from NDR senior leadership as compared to the 2019 ND Voice Survey.

Notably, there was no movement in the area of "creating a climate where people can challenge traditional ways of doing things." While tradition will always be important at Notre Dame, to be our best, NDR wants to promote creativity, flexibility, and openness to change whenever the opportunity for improvement appears. NDR leadership will prioritize engagement on this topic in the coming year. Thanks to all who participated in the survey. The survey data help guide the direction of new learning and training in our division.

Survey results can be reviewed here: 2021 NDR Pulse Survey With Favorability Scores.

NDR Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The Notre Dame Research Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (NDR DEIC) was created in 2021 to lead projects that foster diversity, promote equity, and enhance inclusion within the division. Their outputs will be shared as often as possible through the playbook. Read the first update from September 2021 here: NDR DEIC September 2021 Update.

Return to Campus

Before returning to campus, please review the University's COVID-19 Protocols and Policies, which include the latest safety guidelines and information about verifying your vaccination status. NDR is operating at Phase 4 with few to no limitations. However, lab directors, departments, or colleges are allowed to make more restrictive local protocols in consultation with the VPR. For more details, please see the page, Research Continuity - Operating at Phase 4.

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