NDR Internal Playbook

Despite the challenges of lab hibernation and remote work, Notre Dame Research remains committed to providing a high level of service to researchers, collaborators, and sponsors. NDR will balance this commitment to service with support for the University’s phased reopening plan to keep faculty, students, and essential staff safe and healthy.

One University measure calls for de-densifying the on-campus population to the greatest extent possible. Therefore, many within NDR will continue working remotely during the Spring 2021 semester. However, it's recognized that for some positions, there is a clear business need to be physically on campus to work most effectively.

The University classified each position into one of three workplace location assignments:

  • Remote: Spends less than 10% of time working on campus
  • Partial On-Campus: Combines on-campus and remote work in a balanced way week-to-week (e.g. alternating schedules)
  • Essential On-Campus: Spends more than 90% of time working on campus

If their individual business needs to be on-campus change during the course of the semester, NDR employees should discuss the possibility of changing their workplace location assignments with their managers. Managers may submit a Request for Workplace Location Change on an employee's behalf. 

Any employee in need of a change in workplace location assignment due to medical reasons or other special circumstances should submit a COVID-19 Reasonable Accommodation Request to the University's Office of Institutional Equity (view PDF of form questions).

As a condition of returning to campus, community members are required to follow the COVID-19 related policies and requirements established by the University of Notre Dame.

NDR Playbook

The NDR Division Internal Playbook contains important information for operating safely, effectively, and – hopefully – happily. Because our division is housed in buildings across the University, each unit that reports to the Vice President for Research and that will be operating on campus in any capacity during the Fall, will create a playbook for its own space that adheres to both the University's and NDR's reopening guidelines. Please review the Guidelines for On-Campus Operation even if your workplace location assignment is "Remote." Everyone who comes to campus is expected to follow the safety guidelines in place to reduce the potential of introducing pathogens to the campus community.

No matter your workplace location assignment, NDR values you and the work that you do day-in and day-out to make NDR a Great Place to Work! 

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Need additional information?

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