Unit Operating Status

In addition to the University’s general guidance, each NDR center, institute, core facility, or unit will create and implement its own set of guidelines to ensure the health and well-being of the faculty, staff, and students who work or collaborate in its shared space. Labs and core facilities will adhere to the guidelines spelled out in their lab reopening plans.

Each NDR unit that has a physical status on campus as “partially on-campus” or “on-campus” is responsible for developing its own unit-level playbook, which will be uploaded to this webpage shortly. Those working remotely will follow this general NDR remote work playbook when they visit campus for an occasional meeting or other pre-approved business need.

Current Status

NDR Central 

Research Administration Remote Remote Playbook
Research Communications Remote Remote Playbook
Research Compliance Remote Remote Playbook
Research Development Remote Remote Playbook
Research Main Office Remote Remote Playbook
Research Project & Facilities Management Partial On-Campus  
Research Security Partial On-Campus  

NDR Centers & Institutes

Center for Research Computing Partial On-Campus  
Children's Environmental Health Initiative Partial On-Campus CEHI Playbook
Eck Institute for Global Health  Partial On-Campus - Master of Global Health only  
Environmental Change Initiative/Global Adaptation Initiative Partial On-Campus ECI Playbook
University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center Remote Remote Playbook
Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate  Partial On-Campus  
Harper Cancer Research Institute Partial On-Campus HCRI Playbook
Institute for Advanced Study Partial On-Campus NDIAS Playbook
Institute for Precision Health Remote Remote Playbook
ND Energy Remote Remote Playbook
NDnano Remote Remote Playbook
W.M. Keck Center for Transgene Research  On-Campus Keck Playbook

NDR Core Facilities

Biophysics Instrumentation Core Facility On-Campus BIC Playbook
Center for Environmental Science and Technology On-Campus CEST Playbook
Engineering and Design Core Facility Remote Remote Playbook
Freimann Life Science Center On-Campus FLSC Playbook
Genomics & Bioinformatics Core Facility On-Campus GBCF Playbook
Integrated Imaging Facility On-Campus Imaging Playbook
Linked Experimental Ecosystem Facility On-Site LEEF Playbook
Materials Characterization Facility On-Campus MCF Playbook
Radiation Laboratory On-Campus Rad Lab Playbook
Turbomachinery Laboratory Partial On-Site NDTL Playbook

If you have questions or ideas for additional resources in this playbook, please contact the Director of Finance and Administration