NDR Playbook for Remote Worker

Some Notre Dame Research staff have been given a workplace assignment of “remote.” Remote work helps de-densify the campus population and reduces traffic coming and going through campus, allowing for more successful social distancing. The “remote” designation does allow staff with an occasional business need to come to campus (< 4 hours per week). Please abide by the guidelines in this playbook if you are in the NDR remote staff group. However, everyone is encouraged to review the Guidelines for On-Campus Operation even if their workplace location assignment is "Remote." Anyone who comes to campus is expected to follow the safety guidelines in place to reduce the potential of introducing pathogens to the campus community. 

This playbook will be updated as needed, so please check this webpage for new guidelines, especially before coming to campus. 


  • Please ensure that your office phone is forwarded to your cell or home phone. (This is a two-step process unless you are using the Jabber mobile application. Consult the OIT Help Desk for help troubleshooting.)
  • If you are working an approved non-standard schedule, collaborate with your manager to develop an appropriate communication response plan. Does your schedule necessitate an auto response, a statement in your email signature, and/or explicit instructions for your colleagues to text you if an urgent need arises? 

Coming to Campus

  • NDR recognizes that on occasion remote workers may have a business need to be on campus. Please let your manager know before you travel to campus.   
  • Follow all general University guidelines including wearing a mask when indoors in the presence of others. 
  • When possible, aim to arrive and depart at times when you know the campus will be less busy.
  • If your destination is what-is-typically a shared office space, please give your officemates a heads up to avoid chance meetings in the office at the same time.  
  • Abide by all signage. Many spaces will have posted occupancy limits. 
  • Practice recommended hand hygiene: wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water when you arrive, prior to meal/snack times, and after using the restroom. 
  • Vigilance and precautionary measures are recommended, i.e., do not come to campus if you think you may have been exposed to COVID-19 or develop symptoms like fever, difficulty breathing, or cough. 

Change in Business Need

Should you like to request a change to your workplace location assignment, first talk to your manager. If your manager agrees that you have a legitimate business need to work on campus, your manager may submit a request on your behalf.


If you have questions or ideas for additional resources in this playbook, please contact the Director of Finance and Administration