Manager Resources

As the University moves into a new academic year, NDR teams face a different work environment than they did a year ago. Some teams will continue to work remotely. Other teams will return to campus, but to a campus that looks very different from the one they left. Some teams will be split apart, with some staff working remotely and some on-campus, and there will be several variations in between.

  • How do we lead our teams through these challenging weeks and months that lie ahead?
  • How do we do more than “muddle through”? 
  • How do we model confidence, excellence, and trust to inspire our teams to do their best work?

Below are some resources to help manage your team during coronavirus. Additional resources are forthcoming.

Guiding Principles Setting Goals & Expectations Coaching through COVID Intrinsic Motivation


If you have questions or ideas for additional resources in this playbook, please contact the Director of Finance and Administration