Former NDIAS Fellow Publishes Book on Kenosis and the Mystery of Life

Author: Morgan Munsen

Danielhinshaw Kenosis16x9

Former NDIAS Faculty Fellow Daniel B. Hinshaw has published a book based on the research he did while a Fellow at the Institute in 2018-2019. The book, entitled Thriving in the Face of Mortality: Kenosis and the Mystery of Life, was published by Cascade Books.

Abstract (From the Publisher): Kenosis, a Greek word meaning “depletion” or “emptying” and a concept borrowed from Christian theology, has deeply profound implications for understanding and ordering life in a world marked by suffering and death. Whereas the divine kenosis was voluntary, human beings experience an involuntary kenosis which is characterized by the inevitable losses experienced during the lives of mortal creatures. How one chooses voluntarily to respond to this involuntary kenosis, regardless of faith commitments, in effect defines us, both in our relationships with other suffering creatures and with the entire cosmos. This book offers a unique perspective on how the losses of involuntary kenosis choreograph the suffering which is such a defining aspect of the lives of persons, communities, and the environment in which they live, and how the kenotic process, rather than being a source of despair, can be a source of hope presenting opportunities for extraordinary personal growth.

Originally published by Morgan Munsen at on March 13, 2023.