NDIAS Graduate Fellow Publishes Article on Arranged Marriage

Author: Morgan Munsen

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NDIAS Graduate Fellow Greg Wurm has recently published an article in The Journal of Family Theory & Review. The piece, entitled "Theorizing arranged marriage: The case of South Asian Muslim immigrants in love marriage societies," is Wurm's first solo-authored article.

Abstract (from publisher): In this paper, I draw upon the empirical literatures on arranged marriages among South Asian Muslim immigrants in the U.S. and U.K. in order to (a) provide a multi-dimensional model of the marital formation process that challenges the binary between arranged and love marriage and to (b) propose how trust operates as a general mechanism to explain both micro-level personal, interpersonal, and institutional motivations and negotiations around different marriage models as well as macro-level shifts in marital practices over time.


Originally published by Morgan Munsen at ndias.nd.edu on September 20, 2022.