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Notre Dame philosopher Vittorio Hösle appointed to Vatican academy by Pope Francis

p(image-right). ! G. Hösle)! "Vittorio G. Hösle":, Paul Kimball Professor of Arts and Letters at the University of Notre Dame, has been appointed to the "Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences": by Pope Francis. “We were very gratified to learn of...

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School of Architecture's DHARMA project sheds light on Roman Forum

p(image-right). ! team documenting the Roman Forum at extreme high resolutions (Courtesy Taylor Stein))! "Watch video": !! Considered one of the most celebrated meeting places in the world in all of history, with a built history that spans more than...

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Hessert Laboratory for Aerospace Research expands facility

p(image-right). ! Engineering professor Tom Corke speaks with undergraduates at the wind tunnel at the White Field facility)! "Watch video": !! The University of Notre Dame’s "Hessert Laboratory for Aerospace Research": has added new laboratory space to its White Field...

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