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Fall 2016 heats up with research events

This fall the CSLC will be hosting several research and technology related events.  The season kicked off with the CALICO 2016 Submission workshop hosted on September 30th by the CSLC’s new educational technologist.  The workshop focused on aiding...

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Fighting For Precision Medicine

Dr. Kevin Tracey knows the tragedy of sepsis all too well. Early in his career, he watched as a young baby recovering from burns died overnight from sepsis. No one even knew she had developed the dangerous condition. Since then,...

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Building Bridges in Cancer Research

Dr. Jeremiah Zartman, considered an Engineer/Biologist hybrid, has been at the University of Notre Dame for 3 1/2 years and is currently teaching Introduction to Bioengineering and Introduction to Cell Tissue. He is a perfect model for when describing the...

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