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LEO Presents Research at Shamrock Series

Shamrock Series Panel

LEO recently headed to Boston to participate in the Shamrock Series events. The University of Notre Dame’s Department of Economics hosted a panel, “Combining Research and Practice to Serve the Poor.”...

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New finding offers hope for diabetic wound healing

p(image-right). ! Chang)! University of Notre Dame researchers have discovered a compound that accelerates diabetic wound healing, which may open the door to new treatment strategies.

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Physicist Jay LaVerne named AAAS fellow

p(image-right). ! LaVerne)! "Jay LaVerne":, professional specialist in the University of Notre Dame’s "Radiation Laboratory": and a concurrent research professor of "physics":, has been named a fellow of the "American Association for the Advancement of Science": (AAAS) in honor of...

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Countries on the rebound making significant climate adaptation progress, ND-GAIN data show

p(image-right). "! 2015 Movers Map)!":/assets/182514/original/movers_map_ndgain_2015_release_1_.jpg In the lead-up to 21st meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP 21), 10 countries have come from behind to make marked progress in their ability to withstand the shocks and stresses of climate change,...

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Technology meets society: New app helps seniors live better

p(image-right). ! health care)! A new technological solution developed by researchers from the University of Notre Dame is aimed at enhancing the physical health, vitality and brain fitness of seniors residing in independent living communities.

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WHO's LF elimination program is not enough

p(image-right). ! Program MDA)! More than 1 billion people in tropical and subtropical countries are at risk for lymphatic filariasis (LF), also known as elephantiasis. The World Health Organization has set a goal to eliminate LF in vulnerable countries through...

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Emotionally supportive relationships linked to lower testosterone

p(image-right). !! Science and folklore alike have long suggested that high levels of testosterone can facilitate the sorts of attitudes and behavior that make for, well, a less than ideal male parent. It has long been known that among humans...

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Three questions with DYNAMO Lab’s Tracy Kijewski-Correa

Meet Tracy L. Kijewski-Correa, Leo E. and Patti Ruth Linbeck Collegiate Chair and associate professor of civil and environmental engineering and earth sciences. Kijewski-Correa’s work focuses on the unique challenges facing 21st-century infrastructure, with her current efforts directed toward sustainable...

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