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Two Arts and Letters Faculty Members Awarded ACLS Fellowships

p(image-right). ! Hunt Botting and John Welle)! Two faculty members from Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters have won fellowships this year from the American Council of Learned Societies. John P. Welle, a professor of Italian in the Department...

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Climate change through the lens of impact investing

p(image-right). !! Climate change presents daunting challenges along myriad fronts, including environmental effects, government policies, human services -- and business investment. In just the next two decades, an estimated investment of $53 trillion will be required to limit the rise...

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Research on charter schools needs to go beyond test scores

p(image-right). ! school)! A comprehensive review of the research assessing charter schools as the fastest growing area of school choice reforms has uncovered a need for studies that take a different tack, according to University of Notre Dame sociologist "Mark...

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Three questions with Gabriel Said Reynolds, Quran scholar

p(image-right). ! Said Reynolds)! University of Notre Dame theologian "Gabriel Reynolds": studies the Quran and the interactions between Christians and Muslims. Academic courses taught by Reynolds include “Foundations of Theology,” “Islam and Christian Theology,” “The Qur’an and Its Relation to...

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Origami-inspired shelters could serve military, disaster relief efforts

p(image-right). ! Thrall with the origami shelter in the Ave Maria Press building)! Most people are familiar with origami, the ancient paper-folding art form that creates unique patterns and shapes. Less familiar is the fact that origami has inspired the...

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