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Matt Kloser

A recruiting poster for the Alliance for Catholic Education’s (ACE) first cohort suggested: “Tired of getting homework? Why not give some!” Twenty-two years later, ACE has found a home in California, especially...

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Corporate philanthropy can have a positive impact on employees

p(image-right). !! Corporate philanthropy benefits organizations in many ways: Giving enhances a business’s reputation and strengthens a business’s efforts toward corporate social responsibility. But does corporate philanthropy do anything to benefit a business’s employees?

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HCRI Addresses Barriers to Cancer Care

Investigators in the Harper Cancer Research Institute (HCRI) are dedicated to conducting innovative and integrative research that confronts the complex challenges of cancer.  Our programmatic structure fosters multi-disciplinary cancer research by promoting interactions among research groups with distinct expertise and...

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Building a better phone

p(image-right). ! full-head mannequin testing wireless performance in Notre Dame’s anechoic chamber for the Wireless Institute)! A yellow mannequin half-head sits on a desk in "Bert Hochwald's": electrical engineering lab with a dissected cell phone rubber banded to its ear....

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Scott Merrill named 2016 Richard H. Driehaus Prize Laureate

p(image-right). ! Merrill, 2016 Driehaus Prize laureate)! Scott Merrill, an architect known for his originality and creative application of architectural precedents, has been named the recipient of the 2016 "Richard H. Driehaus Prize": at the University of Notre Dame. Merrill,...

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Can performance brands cause a placebo effect?

p(image-right). ! putt)! From the middle-school child considering the premier brands of soccer shoes, to the college graduate weighing which graduate test prep course to take, a common marketing message from consumer brands is “you will perform better with us.”...

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Psychology Graduate Student’s Research Explores Ways to Improve Memory

p(image-right). ! Kalchik)! The key to improving human memory, Notre Dame psychology graduate student Andrea Kalchik believes, is understanding the circumstances that cause us to forget. “Everyday forgetting is something that impacts everyone to some extent,” she said. “My research...

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