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Research in Energy

Celebrating a decade since its inception in December 2005, the Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame (ND Energy) is proud to have so many world-class faculty affiliated with the center and leading the way in new scientific advancements and...

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Undergraduate Education in Energy

Undergraduate education is essential to the University and to the mission of ND Energy. At ND Energy, there are several opportunities for students to learn about energy, the impact it has on the environment, and what they can do to...

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Fr. Hesburgh's impact on UNDERC


Notre Dame’s nearly 8,000-acre Land O’Lakes property in Wisconsin, originating with a 1,000-acre gift from philanthropist Martin J. Gillen in the 1930s and vastly expanded by Father Hesburgh, has been the site of high-impact...

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The Power of Collaboration

The Harper Cancer Research Institute believes in the power of collaboration to change the way we fight cancer. The greatest minds throughout the University of Notre Dame are brought together, whether its chemistry, engineering, biology, physics, mathematics or psychology, to create...

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Video: Study everything. Do anything.

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Through the liberal arts, you learn to read deeply. Think about issues critically. Discuss topics thoughtfully. Write arguments persuasively. Contribute to projects creatively. And these abilities aren’t just vital in...

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ND Energy Surges Science Alive! 2016


ND Energy, once again, occupied a third floor presentation room with “everything energy” during the annual Science Alive! event on Saturday, February 6th, in the St. Joseph County Public Library in downtown South Bend. Celebrating 24...

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It's a Long Road to Quieter Pavement


You know that high-pitched whine you often hear on sections of highway pavement? Turns out that it’s as much a safety concern as other traffic issues. For years the Federal Highway Administration has been focusing not...

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