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Nanoparticles with a Big Environmental Impact

Consider that a human hair is anywhere from 60,000 to 80,000 nanometers in size. A plasmonic nanoparticle, which is a nanoparticle made of noble metals like gold and silver, at their largest are just 100 nanometers, but pack a big...

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CEC Cosponsors Annual Rimini Meeting

Rimini Session

Carter Snead, Director of the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture, and Mary O’Callaghan, CEC Public Policy Fellow, delivered presentations on the theme “Disability as a Resource” at the 37th annual Meeting for Friendship Amongst Peoples...

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A Summer of Analytical Chemistry at Notre Dame

Analytical Chemistry REU Presentations 2016

This summer the University of Notre Dame welcomed twelve students to campus to participate in the NSF-funded Research Undergraduate Experience (REU) program in analytical chemistry. The 10-week residential program is open...

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Precision Medicine Undergrad Students

Notre Dame Students on the Front Lines of Medical Research

Two Notre Dame undergraduate students—Anne Grisoli and Richard Felli—and two graduate students—Katelyn Ludwig and Steve Marczak—spent the summer of 2016 conducting laboratory and clinical research at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research in New York. All four are recipients of...

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Uncovering a New Pathway to Halting Metastasis

Metastasis, the process by which cancer cells leave the primary tumor and spread to other sites in the body, is responsible for more than 90 percent of cancer deaths. Thus, there is a significant need to improve the therapeutic options...

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