Dr. Nicola Polloni Speaks on "Translation and Appropriation: Necromancy, Astrology, Alchemy" at the Medieval Institute's Brown-Bag Seminar Series

Author: Brandon Cook

Nicola Polloni

The Medieval Institute gladly welcomed invited speaker Nicola Polloni, M.A., Ph.D, a Junior Research Fellow (COFUND) in the Department of History, Institute of Advanced Studies, at Durham University. On Monday, October 31st, Dr. Polloni gave a lunchtime lecture entitled, “Translation and Appropriation: Necromancy, Astrology, Alchemy.” Polloni’s talk addressed medieval issues of epistemology, the changing status of astrology in Latin thought from the Early to High Middle Ages, and the work of the twelfth-century philosopher and Arabic-Latin translator from Toledo, Dominicus Gundissalinus, as related to these topics. The stimulating seminar provoked much discussion on the history and reception of astronomy and astrology in the Latin West.

Originally published by Brandon Cook at medieval.nd.edu on November 16, 2016.