National Library Week: Get to Know Your Kresge Law Library Staff

Author: Kevin Allen

It’s National Library Week, and Notre Dame Law School is highlighting the wonderful people who support the Law School’s scholarship with their work in the Kresge Law Library.

Get to know the library’s staff members by reading profiles that will be posted here throughout the week.



Warren Rees

Rees, a research librarian, has worked in the library since 1997. He teaches courses in legal research and enjoys the interaction with students.

He had a part-time job in the law library at Southern Illinois University while earning his juris doctor there, and the experience ended up influencing his career path.

“You get to be a jack of all trades and research in a variety of subject areas,” he said. “There are many areas of the law that are interesting, so it’s fun.”

Fun facts: Rees is a man of many talents. He’s a long-distance runner and cyclist, a wine collector, and a licensed pilot. “My favorite time to fly is night,” he said. “It’s gorgeous.”


Deb Fox

Fox, a resource acquisitions specialist, has worked in the Law Library since 1989.

She’s responsible for cataloging new books and other materials, fielding requests from faculty members, and coordinating interlibrary loans for students and faculty.

“It’s a rewarding job,” she said. “The students and faculty are very appreciative of what you do. And I’m a big Notre Dame fan. My dad was an alum, my daughter graduated from Saint Mary’s, and my granddaughter is enrolling at Notre Dame in the fall.”

Fun facts: Fox has an identical twin sister. She goes to Las Vegas every year for vacation. Anyone who needs a laugh should talk to Fox – she has a great sense of humor!



Chris O’Byrne

O’Byrne, a research librarian who joined the Kresge Law Library staff in 2006, teaches courses in legal research to law students.

He earned his juris doctor at the University of Washington and decided to pursue a career in a law library because he was interested in teaching, research, public service, and several different areas of law.

“It was the appeal of combining the various career paths that interested me and constantly learning new things,” he said.

Fun facts: O’Byrne was born at Robinson Barracks, a U.S. military base in Germany. His office houses an impressive menagerie of Notre Dame memorabilia and other collectibles. Check out the poster urging people to “Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus.”


Beth Klein

Klein has worked in the Law Library since 1996.

As the research and teaching assistant, she provides academic support and coordinates materials for research librarians when they teach classes. Her creativity is on display around Halloween and Christmas when she decorates her office and the Research Services area for those holidays.

She took a Myers-Briggs personality test recently, and the result said she should work in a library. “Good thing it worked out that way,” she said with a laugh. “It’s rewarding. You help people find what they need.”

Fun facts: Klein probably has the Law School’s most fun office – it’s practically a Disney museum filled with stuffed animals, toys, and posters. She’s also pretty good at Pokémon Go.


Amy Shirk

Shirk has worked in the Law Library since 1998.

She’s a metadata specialist, which means that she catalogs electronic resources and rare books. She’s also responsible for database maintenance and ensuring that the Notre Dame Law Review and other Law School journals are published and bound.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of libraries and books and bookstores,” she said.

Fun facts: Shirk loves wildlife and traveling. She’s been to Yellowstone National Park for a wolf study and to Newfoundland for a whale study, where she saw humpback whales. She’s also been to Paris, Rome, and London. Next on her list: She wants to go to Costa Rica to watch sea turtles hatch.

Originally published by Kevin Allen at on April 11, 2017.