Notre Dame Research Launches New Website

Author: Brandi Klingerman

Notre Dame Research (NDR) has launched a new website, The new research website provides a clean, modern look that aims to serve both faculty and students who are seeking administrative services related to doing research, as well people outside of the University who are looking to learn more about the growing research enterprise at Notre Dame.

When discussing the website, Research Communications Program Director Joanne D. Fahey said, “The goal of the new site was to provide a unified view into Notre Dame Research. Its purpose is to celebrate and showcase all that has been accomplished by Notre Dame researchers, while still facilitating the needs of those who utilize it as a resource for their daily work.”

The site, which combines the former Office of the Vice President for Research, Office of Research, and Strategic Research Initiative websites, offers five main pages, including an ‘Our Research’ tab. This section aims to increase awareness of how the University and NDR support a culture of research, scholarship, and creative endeavor within the Colleges and Schools, key research areas, as well as core facilities and resources.

Under the ‘Our Services’ tab, faculty, postdoctoral fellows, students, and staff will find information pertaining to funding opportunities, system support, and much more. The website continues to allow the NDR administration to serve faculty through a full suite of services that are intended to support the delivery of cutting-edge, globally significant research.

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Joanne D. Fahey / Research Communications Program Director

Notre Dame Research / University of Notre Dame / 574.631.9762 /@UNDResearch

About Notre Dame Research

The University of Notre Dame is a private research and teaching university inspired by its Catholic mission. Located in South Bend, Indiana, its researchers are advancing human understanding through research, scholarship, education, and creative endeavor in order to be a repository for knowledge and a powerful means for doing good in the world. For more information, please see or @UNDResearch.