Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory Opens Doors at Ignition Park

Author: Jasmin Avila


Construction crews worked tirelessly throughout the holidays toward completion of the new Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory in downtown South Bend, IN. The move from campus to Ignition Park was completed at the end of January, and the lab officially opened its doors on Monday, February 1. While the majority of NDTL’s team members will be on site, some members will remain on campus to continue work at preexisting testing facilities. NDTL director Joshua Cameron has likened the move to Ignition Park as a home-coming for the team, identifying it as a monumental milestone in the development of the new lab and its research: “The opening of the NDTL facility represents a new beginning for the turbomachinery research that the lab has been conducting at Notre Dame for over a decade. While the move to Ignition Park certainly provides a permanent space for our facilities and team, it also marks the advent of groundbreaking research opportunities made possible by the expansion of our testing capabilities.”

The official ribbon cutting ceremony for NDTL will take place in June 2016; lab team members look forward to sharing this event with the city of South Bend and the community.

By: Jasmin Avila


Originally published by Jasmin Avila at on February 08, 2016.