Wireless Institute's external research funding exceeds $5 million

Author: Tiffanie Sammons

Wireleee Institute L

The University of Notre Dame’s Wireless Institute (WI) saw a record-breaking year with external research funding exceeding $5 million in 2018. External funding includes grants, contracts, gifts, and cooperative agreements from federal, state, and local government’s as well as from corporations.

Representing the WI are 15 faculty members from the Departments of Electrical Engineering and, Computer Science and Engineering, as well as Notre Dame Law School, and Mendoza College of Business; each offering a unique skill set. The WI has implemented the model of creating several platform projects and then adding components based on the needs of federal, state, local governments, and corporations.

“With nearly a decade of research under their belt, Notre Dame faculty members in the Wireless Institute have established it as a standout academic center for wireless technology,” said Richard E. Billo, associate vice president for research and professor of computer science and engineering. “The institute has shown, through flagship projects like RadioHound, how they can take ideas and develop them into real-world applications important to the nation.”  

The 39% increase in funding benefits WI and the University in many ways. It provides funding for both graduate and undergraduate researchers, giving the students an opportunity to work alongside each other and with faculty members. The WI also runs a summertime NSF-sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduates program. Also, the WI provides support for the professional technical staff that assists the students with their projects.

“We are grateful to the University for investing its resources into the WI and helping it to grow. This investment is reaping obvious rewards in the form of external grants and allows us to take on increasingly large and ambitious projects and proposals, such as the NSF Platforms for Advanced Wireless,” said Bert Hochwald, Co-Director of the WI and Freimann Chair Professor.

To learn more, please visit https://wireless.nd.edu/

Originally published by Tiffanie Sammons at conductorshare.nd.edu on April 05, 2019.