Notre Dame Research Administration (NDRA) provides a suite of services to support researchers with grant proposal identification and preparation. From assisting with finding funding opportunities through to requests for amended budgets, NDRA is available to help!

Funding Searches

NDRA can assist with searching for and identifying funding opportunities through the ProQuest Pivot database.

For assistance with Pivot, please contact Notre Dame Research’s Director of Pre-Award Administration.

Reviewing Requirements

Grant proposal requirements can often be complicated to identify and understand. NDRA is available to assist in reviewing all sponsor guidelines, including identifying key issues, and reviewing contractual terms.

In addition, NDRA is available to meet and discuss proposal development and coordination, including the development of timelines.

Proposal Development & Submission

The Pre-Award Team can assist with the complete development of research or grant proposals, including:

  • Preparing budgets and reviewing budget justifications
  • Securing subcontract information
  • Assisting with cost-share commitments and documentation
  • Assisting with sponsor forms and electronic submissions systems
  • Reviewing provided biosketches and Collaborators and Other Affiliations (COA) forms, as well as assisting in the preparation and review of other non-technical documents
  • Providing templates and samples of key documents, such as Letters of Intent

The Pre-Award Team can also assist with finalizing the proposal submission, including obtaining appropriate approval signatures and other institutional approval, and, ultimately, submission.

Post-Submission Activities

NDRA is available to support post-submission requests from the sponsor, such as requests for revised budgets.

Meet the Team

  1. Ed Ackerley

    Senior Pre-Award Program Manager

  2. Rachel Crites

    Pre-Award Program Specialist

  3. Allison M. DeBlock

    Pre-Award Program Manager

  4. Mark DeVore

    Senior Pre-Award Program Manager

  5. Mary Greene

    Senior Pre-Award Program Manager

  6. Maria Harding

    Grants Program Manager

  7. Lori Loftis

    Senior Pre-Award Program Manager

  8. Amelia Lutz

    Pre-Award Program Manager

  9. Nathalou Mejorada

    Pre-Award Program Manager

  10. Kristin G. Michel

    Senior Pre-Award Program Manager

  11. Eva Nabuufu

    Pre-Award Program Manager

  12. David Ross

    Pre-Award Services Senior Director

  13. Liz Rulli

    Associate Vice President for Research

  14. Kaitlyn Thrasher

    Pre-Award Program Manager

Need More Information?

For more information on any of the proposal preparation services, including reviewing requirements, proposal development and submission, or post-submission activities, please contact your designated Pre-Award Program Manager or email

Please also review Frequently Asked Questions about Proposal Preparation.

For relevant forms, codes, and policies, please visit the Resource Library