PI Portal

The PI Portal provides the information needed to help manage sponsored program in an easy to use format.

The PI Portal contains information about proposals submitted, awards received, and expenditures on sponsored funds. The tool includes high-level information about time versus money spent by fund, the ability to generate data for a current and pending/other support page, and information about personnel funded through the sponsored programs. The Portal also contains news and updates from sponsoring agencies and reminders when a PI's sponsored program is nearing expiration.

The tool is available to anyone who has a role of lead or co-investigator or key personnel on a sponsored program proposal or award as documented in Cayuse or is a fund manager on a sponsored program as designated in Banner. PI Portal users may delegate access to others within their program from within the portal.

The information in the PI Portal is updated nightly and has the ability to quickly drill down on items of interest. The Portal works in complement with Cayuse and GLez. An overview of the information that can be found in each tool is available here.



For more information on using the PI Portal, please contact the Research Business Intelligence Team or email ndr_support@nd.edu. Frequently Asked Questions about the PI Portal can also be found here.