When protocol submissions are first received by NDR Administration and Compliance, we complete a preliminary pre-review to identify any omitted information or documents, suggest edits, and more before sending the submission on to a reviewer. In some cases, two cycles of comments will be received- at initial pre-review, and then after IRB review.

  • Non-human subjects research and Exempt protocols are reviewed by the Notre Dame Research Compliance Office as these proposals are received. These proposals are typically reviewed and (depending on revisions or additional information requested) approved within about a week of submission.
  • Expedited submissions are pre-reviewed, then sent on to an individual IRB member for review outside of the meetings. This review can take anywhere from two to three weeks.

Please note: none of the above IRB protocols are subject to submission deadlines, and are assigned for review at the time they are received.

  • Full Board submissions are assigned to the next full board meeting. New studies should be submitted no later than two weeks before an IRB meeting to be assigned to the agenda for that date.

For all submissions, timing of the review depends on many factors: the complexity of the proposal, the quality of the submission, the responsiveness of the investigator, as well as the availability of the IRB reviewer. Please be sure to maintain contact with the NDR Administration and Compliance as comments are sent in the eProtocol system, and make sure to carefully review all information before you submit it.

IRB Calendar

The IRB meets once a month and requires at least ten business days before the meeting to review submitted Full Board protocols. Full Board protocols received less than 10 business days before will be reviewed the following month. Upcoming meeting dates include: 

To view the upcoming meeting dates, please visit the IRB Meeting Calendar. To stay up-to-date on meeting dates (subject to change) and submission deadlines, click the "+ Google Calendar" in the bottom right-hand corner to add this calendar to yours.