International Travel and Visitors

Please note that there are restrictions on travel and visitors to campus due to COVID-19. Please check the latest information on the Research Continuity page before planning travel to and from campus.


International Travel

Office of Information Technology specifies the steps researchers must take before traveling internationally with University-owned equipment or on University-sponsored travel in its IT Security for International Travel Standard article. Requirements vary by country, equipment type, and export control regulations so it is important to talk to OIT during the planning stage.

Notre Dame International provides guidance for faculty, staff, and students intended to ensure their personal safety during travel and improve the quality of their education, service, or research abroad. Tips for information security are available in addition to best practices on numerous travel-related topics.

Anyone conducting human research internationally, regardless of sponsor, will be required to secure Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval prior to beginning their work. For more information on human subject research, please contact the Compliance Team at

Engaging Visiting Collaborators

Visiting scientists and other researchers are essential to our research programs. It is important to follow proper appointment processes to ensure that individuals are properly vetted and that their access to University resources and systems is appropriate for the purpose of their work. Notre Dame Research Administration subscribes to a web-based screening tool called “Visual Compliance,” which can be used during the appointment process to ensure there are no licenses or authorizations needed to share technology or data with visiting collaborators. 

Researchers must be professional and diligent in evaluating the nature of any visiting collaborators, especially for those visitors with extended stays or who do not have the appropriate background for the anticipated research activity. Activities that raise suspicion should be reported to the appropriate Dean’s office and NDRA. 

Notre Dame’s Undue Foreign Influence and Research Security Working Group is currently revising a visitor policy to guide anyone who hosts collaborators on the main campus.  


Please contact the Associate Vice President for Research for more information regarding safeguarding research from undue foreign influence.