Core Facilities and Building Management

Notre Dame Research provides oversight and management for more than 40 core facilities and research resources available on campus, as well as provides support for the building management of a number of research buildings.

Core Facilities

Notre Dame’s core facilities and research resources support a vibrant research community and are fully staffed to provide expert guidance, support, and instrumentation for their users. For a full list of core facilities at Notre Dame, please visit

Use of the core facilities is typically on a fee-for-service basis; full details can be viewed here or on the facility’s dedicated website.

Building Management

All research buildings managed by NDR are overseen with the health and safety of Notre Dame’s researchers in mind. 

McCourtney Hall

Opened in 2016, McCourtney Hall is a 220,000 square foot building dedicated to research in the molecular sciences and engineering at the University of Notre Dame. Researchers from two Colleges – Engineering and Science – have joined forces in the state-of-the-art building to tackle three key programmatic areas: analytical sciences and engineering, chemical and biomolecular engineering, and drug discovery. 

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For more information on any of NDR's core facilities or building management services, please contact the Core Facilities and Building Management Team. Emails can also be sent to and