NSF - CAREER Award - Past Awardees

Year Award Recipient Description
2016 Haifeng Gao Chain-growth Polymerization of AB2 Monomer to Produce Hyperbranched Polymers
2016 David Hoelzle Manufacturing tools for the next generation of tissue engineering, manufacturing education for the next generation of engineers
2016 Scott Howard Three-dimensional, Super-resolution, and Super-sensitivity Quantitative Molecular Multiphoton Microscopy in Living Tissue
2016 Vlad Iluc Nucleophilic, Radical, and Electrophilic Palladium Carbene Complexes: New Types of Reactivity for Palladium
2016 Yiyu Shi Opportunistic Through-Silicon-Via Utilization: Device, Circuit and Design Automation Perspectives
2016 Jeremiah Zartman Integrative Analysis for Reverse Engineering Embryonic Pattern Repair Mechanisms
2015 Mark J. Behrens Arithmetic Structure of Homotopy Theory
2015 Anthony J. Hoffman Mid-infrared Intersubband Polaritonics
2015 Collin McMillan Understanding Program Comprehension for Automated Software Documentation Generation
2015 Tijana Milenkovic Novel Algorithms for Dynamic Network Analysis in Computational Biology
2015 Fabio Semperlotti Multi-Physics Multi-Resolution Transient Holography for Damage Detection in Metallic and Composite Structures
2015 Chaoli Wang Effective Analysis, Exploration and Visualization of Big Flow Data to Understand Dynamic Flows
2014 Diogo Bolster Connecting the Scales - Local to Global Scales of Mixing in Heterogeneous Porous Media
2014 Ying Cheng Cognitive Diagnostic Adaptive Testing for AP Statistics
2014 Jason C. Hicks Toward Unprecedented Selectivities in C-O Bond Cleavage Reactions using Fe-based Bimetallic Catalysts
2014 Amanda B. Hummon Three Region nLC-MS/MS Analysis: A Novel and Rapid Approach to Evaluate Molecular Penetration
2014 Jill Amanda Lany Discovering the Underpinnings of Statistical Language Learning in Infants
2014 George Mavroeidis A Comprehensive Approach for Investigating the Effects of Near-Fault Dynamic Ground Deformations on Engineering Structures
2014 Gabor Szekelyhidi Canonical Metrics and Stability in Complex Geometry
2014 Franklin Tao Catalysis on Singly Dispersed Bimetallic Catalytic Sites
2014 Ashley Parkinson Thrall Transitional Bridging: From Rapidly Deployable Disaster Relief to Permanent Infrastructure Solutions
2013 David Go Low Temperature Microplasmas For Thermal Energy Conversion, Education, and Outreach
2013 Hai Lin Multi-robot cooperative tasking through local coordination design
2013 Laurel Riek Next Generation Patient Simulators