Kobayashi Travel Fund

The Francis M. Kobayashi Travel Fund (KTF) provides funding to initiate new research by subsidizing travel expenses incurred in the acquisition, analysis and development of data, and/or the consulting of primary materials, collections, or other research resources at off-campus sites. Grants up to $1,500 are available through this program. Augmentation of the grants by the Colleges, Schools, and Departments, as appropriate to the discipline, is encouraged.


The following categories are eligible to apply for this program:

  • Full-time regular members of the University of Notre Dame faculty, including tenured and tenure-track faculty, research faculty, library faculty, and professors of the practice, are eligible to apply.


  • Awards are based partly on need. Faculty members with significant discretionary or capitalization funds should not apply.
  • Faculty members who have not applied to the KTF program in the past will be prioritized, although past KTF awardees are still eligible to apply.


The following are unallowable budget requests:

  • Attendance and participation at discipline-oriented meetings, international congresses and specialized symposia, even for purposes of reporting the results of scholarly efforts, are not eligible for funding by this program. 


Applications are now closed. Please check back again soon for details of future competitions.


Funds will be available immediately. All travel must be completed be the end of the academic year (including summer break) following the application.


Interested applicants should write the proposal in clear, non-technical language for a general audience.

Each proposal must include the following items in the order listed:

  1. Cover page with following information: Name of Principal Investigator, Department, Center, or Institute affiliation, Phone, Email, Proposal Title, and designation as a KTF.

  2. Description of the proposed project (two-pages maximum):

    • The objective of the project.
    • Background and previous work.
    • A description of how the proposed travel will benefit the new project 
  3. A simple statement that travel funds are not available from other sources:

    • List all current and pending proposals.
    • All institutional research fund accounts should be listed including capitalization, discretionary, and endowed chair funds. 
  4. Budget:

    • An itemized lists of estimated travel costs.
    • Include a justification for each budget item, including any cost share funds received from other sources.
  5. Current curriculum vitae (two pages maximum) for the principal investigator.

The submission should be uploaded in a single PDF document with naming convention of “<PI NAME>_KTF Proposal_<YEAR>.pdf” to this Google Form. Proposals that do not comply with format and content guidelines may be rejected without review.



In accepting a KTF award, the awardee agrees to:

  • Conform to established practices and procedures concerning sponsored program activity.
  • Submit a final report to Notre Dame Research no later than three months after the end date of the award. The report should include a listing of any publications or manuscripts resulting from the award, reference to any subsequent proposals or applications (e.g., fellowship or grant applications) resulting from the KTF to any outside agency or foundation.
  • Awards will be contingent upon approval of any protocols for research involving the use of live vertebrate animals, recombinant DNA molecules, and/or human subjects. Please obtain guidelines and policies affecting these types of projects from Notre Dame Research Compliance.



For information on the KTF Awards, or the Internal Grants in general, please contact intprogs@nd.edu.