Kobayashi Travel Fund - Previous Awardees

Year Name Location Description
2019 James Collins Austria Curation inside and outside the museum: Wes Anderson at the Kunsthistorisches Museum
2019 Erika Doss Hong Kong Problematic public art in Hong Kong
2019 Madhav Joshi Nepal Access to justices and onset of Maoist insurgency in Nepal
2019 Kerry L. Meyers England Longitudinal assessment of engineering summer experiences
2019 Michael A. Schreffler Madrid Ekphrasis and architectural literacy in baroque Mexico City
2019 Julia A. Schneider France 13th century mass commentaries as theology textbooks at the University of Paris
2018 Perin Gürel Iran & Turkey America's Wife, America's Concubine: Turkey, Iran, and the Bounds of Middle Eastern Solidarity
2018 Paul Huber United Kingdom Introduction to Multiomics Data Integration
2018 Marsha Stevenson France Jacques Émile Édouard Brandon at the Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaïsme
2018 Nicole Woods California & New York Utopian Dwellings: Land Art, Architecture, and Computer Programming in the 1970s
2017 Mike Amezcua Boston, Massachusetts Rehabbing the Jungle: Jane Jacobs, Race, and Buildings in the Back of the Yards Neighborhood, 1957-1961
2017 James Collins Florence, Italy Tracing the History of Self-Imaging in the Vasari Corridor
2017 Anne García-Romero New York, New York Pedagogy of the Page: New York Theater Studies Research Trip
2017 Anthony M. Juan, Jr. Manila, Philippines RD3RD (Richard the Third): Enabling the Beast, Devising Death
2017 Elyse Speaks New York, New York Everyday Labors
2017 Erika Summers-Effler Albany, Georgia When Mobilization is not Enough: Confusion and Diffusion in the Albany Movement
2017 Nan Z. Da China Archival Research for Book Manuscript: Within Formality – China, U.S., and the Uses of Literature 1800-1910
2017 Kenneth Garcia New York, New York The American Academic Freedom Project: Research in Columbia University Archives
2017 David Lincicum Athens, Greece Toward a Critical Edition of the Epistle of Barnabas: Autopsy and Collation of a Manuscript in Andros Greece
2017 Sophie White New Orleans, Louisiana Hearing Slaves Speak in Colonial America: Preparatory Work towards an Edition and Translation of Voices of the Voiceless