Moratorium on Decisions to Allow Exceptions to Research Lab Suspensions

Posted on April 6, 2020. Note that some information or advice may have changed since posting.

Dear Colleagues,

Over the interval since the bulk of our research laboratories went to hibernation mode, the Deans and I have fielded numerous requests to reopen labs to do research that is either related to COVID-19 or to national security. We have conferred and decided that in the interest of safety and cognizant of the Governor's Public Health Emergency Declaration for COVID-19 Outbreak, we would place a moratorium on approving any exceptions to the directive to suspend research laboratory operations except for situations where newly funded research has been awarded that is specifically for COVID-19 or national security research. All other requests will be received and held but no decisions will be made until April 20, or later if conditions warrant.  Please see the documents below for additional details:

  1. Moratorium on Exceptions to Allow Research Laboratories to Reopen
  2. Request for Partial Reopening of Research Laboratory
Bob Bernhard
Robert J. Bernhard
Vice President for Research
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556