Two updates for the Lab/Studio Reopening Playbook

Posted on June 29, 2020. Note that some information or advice may have changed since posting.

Dear Colleagues,
The Research Task Force (RTF) and Academic Reopening Committee have approved two updates to the Lab/Studio Reopening Playbook. The first is guidance about incorporating undergraduate students into labs and studios starting when we move to Lab/Studio Reopening Phase 3. The RTF is currently discussing the transition from Phase 2 to Phase 3. These details will be published soon.  We thought that those considering utilizing undergraduate research assistants would appreciate advance information so that they can begin planning. Note that the decision to allow undergraduates into labs as either special topics/thesis students or as research assistants is left to the faculty/research directors, but the guidance requires significant special considerations that must be taken into account if undergraduates are a part of labs/studios.
View new undergraduate research guidance here:
The second guidance document is intended to interpret the newly released University travel policy for research applications. Note that research based travel will be significantly limited from now until the end of the fall semester. For faculty and students, exceptions will be allowed based on the following three criteria:
  1. An assessment of the need for the requested travel during the semester instead of at a later time
  2. The immediate importance of the requested travel to the University’s core mission of teaching and research
  3. The potential long-term consequences to the research and the University of not undertaking the requested travel during the semester
View research-based travel guidance here:

Again, please contact me if you have questions.

Bob Bernhard

Robert J. Bernhard

Vice President for Research

University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, Indiana 46556