Phased Reopening of Research

On March 27, 2020, the University of Notre Dame suspended laboratory research operations and limited campus access only to essential personnel necessary to safely maintain labs in a state of hibernation. A small handful of laboratories were approved to stay partially open for COVID-19 and national security research projects with rigorous physical distancing and safety protocols. 

Based on this experience and a review of reopening plans from academic institutions and companies from around the country, the Subtask Force on Research Laboratory Operations is implementing a phased reopening of research laboratories, studios, core facilities, and associated office spaces on campus. The University is currently in Lab/Studio Reopening Phase 3.

Labstudiocores Reopening Graphics C2 Phases Phase3

Reopening Playbook

The Lab/Studio Reopening Playbook is intended to be a single reference for lab and studio reopening principles, details, and links to supporting materials. It is intended to be a living source of information and will be revised and updated frequently. 

The Playbook is comprised of: 

Principles Summary of Phases 

Playbook Forms & Resources

Phase 3 Forms: 


Playbook Updates

A record of recent updates is included below so readers can navigate quickly to guidance and/or a form:

Additionally, announcements of updates will be emailed to a lab reopening Google Group mailing list. To opt-in to this mailing list, please subscribe here. Your ND email address must be used in order to opt-in.

Need more information?

For additional guidance, please communicate with your Department Chair and if needed, relevant member of the Subtask Force on Research Laboratory Operations. Members include Jim Brockmole, Steve Corcelli, Melanie DeFord, and Mark McCready.