Reopening Sequence

Three Week Sequence*

Week of May 25

  • Monday: Memorial Day
  • Tuesday: McCourtney Hall
  • Wednesday: Core Facilities
  • Thursday: Core Facilities; Evaluate and Audit
  • Friday: Evaluate & Audit

Week of June 1

  • Monday: Nieuwland, Stepan
  • Tuesday: Evaluate & Audit
  • Wednesday: Cushing, Fitzpatrick
  • Thursday: Evaluate & Audit
  • Friday: Harper, Raclin-Carmichael, Stinson-Remick

Week of June 8

  • Monday: Galvin, Corbett
  • Tuesday: Radiation Lab, White Field, Reyniers Lab
  • Wednesday: MRB, Hessert
  • Thursday: Riley, West Lake, DPAC, O’Neill (all delayed until further notice)
  • Friday: Shaw Center (reopening as scheduled), Clinical Studies, Walsh Family Hall (both delayed until further notice)

*Please note this schedule is subject to change. Please visit for updates.