Faculty Research Support Regular Grant - Past Recipients

Year Award Recipient Description
2015 Christopher Abram A New Edition and Translation of the Old Norse-Icelandic Sermon Corpus
2015 Mike Amezcua The Second City Anew: Mexicans, Urban Culture, and Migration in the Transformation of Chicago, 1940-1986
2015 W. Martin Bloomer The Medieval Schoolbook
2015 David Campbell Notre Dame Study of Democratic Virtues
2015 Francesca Aran Murphy Illuminating Modernity: The Book Series
2015 Tricia Park The Gesualdo Quartet: Resident String Quartet at the University of Notre Dame
2015 Isabelle Torrance War, Trauma, Religion: Aeschylus’ Seven Against Thebes
2014 Margot Fassler Hildegard's Cosmos: A Sounding Model with Varied Applications
2014 Anthony (Anton) Juan, Jr. The Winged Fragments of Our Children
2014 Georgine Resick Pierrot Lunaire Film Project
2014 Denis Robichaud Marsilio Ficino Editions Project
2014 Matthew Wilkens Text Mining for Large-Scale Literary Geography
2013 Gary Anderson Creation, 'Out of Nothing'? Origins and Contemporary Significance
2013 Charles Barber A Two-year Postdoctoral Fellowship to Support a Multi-volume Publication of Translations of Sources for Byzantine Art Historians
2013 Laura Walls Henry David Thoreau: Surveyor of the Soul
2012 Aimee Buccellato, Sam Paolucci, Charles Vardeman The Green Scale: A New Digital Design and Analysis Tool for Sustainable Building
2012 David Hernandez Butrint Archaeological Research Project: The Roman Forum
2012 Ian Kuijt, Jim Collins, Diarmuid Ó Giollain, Bríona Nic Dhiarmada Island Voices: Interdisciplinary Research of Ireland's Coastal Heritage
2012 Michael Mannor, Viva Bartkus Improving CEO Decision Making
2011 Marya Lieberman, Holly Goodson, Patrick Flynn Detection of Counterfeit Anti-malaria Drugs
2011 Timothy Matovina, Kathleen Cummings The Lived History of Vatican II
2011 Stephan Silliman, William Evans, Diogo Bolster Foundation, Collaborative Research at the Intersection of Engineering and Economics Focused on Assessment Evolving Risk Associated with Water Resource Development in Rural Africa
2011 John Van Engen The Brothers and Sisters of the Common Life: An Edition and Translation of Latin Sources