Fighting to Control Diabetes

Author: Strategic Content

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New technology can sense, and stop, a drop in blood sugar before it becomes life-threatening

Each day while five-year-old Lucas Grisoli is at school, his parents, Kelly and Graham, wait for texts from his teachers every few hours. The teachers test Lucas’ blood sugar and send updates. If the sugar level is high, Kelly or Graham direct them to give Lucas insulin. If it’s low, Lucas can have some sugar to bring it back to an appropriate level. At home, Mom and Dad take over-testing, counting carbohydrates, doing calculations for insulin doses. Managing Lucas’ health is a 24/7 job.

Lucas is a Type-1 diabetic. Kelly says that by some calculations, Type-1 diabetics make more than 150 additional decisions per day when it comes to diet, exercise, medication, and more to keep their numbers in check. For young diabetics, that duty falls to their caregivers.

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