Gesing Advancing Research with Science Gateways

Author: Kallie O'Connell


Sandra Gesing, Research Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Center for Research Computing faculty member at the University of Notre Dame, is bridging the gap between researchers, their data and its analysis with her work on science gateways. Science gateways are specific software solutions meeting researchers’ needs while hiding complex underlying infrastructures – from distributed computing infrastructures to distributed data and/or Big Data in Clouds, grids or local resources. Scientists working on drug design or striving to eradicate viscious diseases use science gateways to access, evaluate, analyze and run valuable simulations with their data without having to be experts in information technology. Gesing, her work and her views on usability and sustainability of computational applications as well as reproducibility of science are highlighted in International Innovation. Learn more about Gesing from her Q&A and in the article Gateways to advancing science,  featuring Gesing’s impact on the scientific community and how she is advancing research with technology.

Link to article in International Innovation:

Originally published by Kallie O’Connell at on May 02, 2016.