Hirotaka Sakaue discusses research on a luminescent sensor for high-speed aerodynamics at NDnano networking meeting

Author: NDnano Staff


Hirotaka Sakaue, associate professor in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, was the featured speaker at the March 20 NDnano networking lunch for affiliated faculty and staff. The Sakaue Lab combines fluid mechanics and chemistry in four signature areas: flow measurement, flow control (chemical flow control), bio/biomedical, and green energy/environment.


Professor Sakaue’s presentation was entitled, “Phosphor-based Luminescent Sensor for High-Speed Aerodynamics.” His team investigated the properties of thermographic phosphors in the high-temperature region from 100°C to 800°C. These thermographic phosphors must have sufficiently high-temperature sensitivity and luminescence intensity in the test temperature range, and the phosphor binder must be strong enough to withstand supersonic flow and high-temperature environments. Dr. Sakaue presented his team’s most recent results with these high-temperature phosphor sensors. He then opened the session up to the audience for suggestions for other phosphors and ideas for other applications of these phosphor sensors. 

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Originally published by NDnano Staff at nano.nd.edu on April 11, 2023.