Klau Institute Announces 2022-23 Rita Bahr Scholars

Author: Kevin Fye


The Klau Institute is proud to announce its Rita Bahr Cari Memorial Fund Scholars for 2022-23. The recipients are human rights lawyers from Latin America enrolled in the LL.M. Program in International Human Rights Law. This year's recipients are:



Del Sol

Valentina Salazar Rivera

Valentina del Sol Salazar Rivera is a Colombian lawyer interested in criminal justice reform. She has worked as legal advisor to Justice Humberto Sierra Porto at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights since 2019, as well as instructor and researcher at the Criminal Law Department (and formerly also the Constitutional Law Department) of the Universidad Externado de Colombia. She was also a legal intern at both the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP), Colombia's transitional justice tribunal, and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.



Andres Succar Cuellar

Andres Succar Cuellar is a senior Colombian lawyer with 14 years of legal experience, serving since 2018 as UTL Advisor to the Congreso de la Republica de Colombia, Camara de Representantes, responsible for the drafting and legal analysis of much of Colombia's legislation in all areas impacting civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights. He was advisor to the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Directorate of Colombia's Ministry of Defense, and Collaborator Ad Honorem at the Office of Judge Magistrate Manuel Jose Cepeda in Colombia's Constitutional Court.



Angel Munoz Carpintero

Ángel Muñoz Carpintero is a Honduran human rights lawyer and an associate human rights officer (Rule of Law and Accountability Unit) at the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Honduras, where he has worked since 2019. He currently works in the investigation and documentation of serious human rights violations, especially torture and extrajudicial executions cases, open source investigations, persons deprived of their liberty, human rights monitoring and reporting and access to justice for victims.



Felipe Lyon Errazuriz

Felipe Lyon Errazuriz is a Chilean lawyer and professor, serving since 2021 as constitutional law and legal theory professor at the Universidad San Sebastian, in Santiago. He was formerly director of the Constitutional Studies Program and Director of the Public Service Area at Fundacion Jaime Guzman. The last 3 years he has worked drafting a new Chilean Constitution, this year as an advisor of the expert commissioner Carlos Frontaura Rivera in the Commission of Constitutional Principles, Civil and Political Rights.

Joseph Cari endowed the Rita Bahr Cari Memorial Fund in 2001, with additional donations, to encourage advanced studies in international human rights law. The fund provides opportunities to students from Latin America who wish to study at Notre Dame by assisting with living expenses.

Originally published by Kevin Fye at klau.nd.edu on October 06, 2023.