ND ENERGY Announces Plans for Energy Week 2016

Author: Anne Pillai


Energy Week Logo

A full slate of energy-related events is being scheduled for the week of Oct. 2 as ND Energy prepares for its annual Energy Week. Celebrating its 10th year, the week will feature academic lectures and interactive events with the goal of increasing awareness of energy issues. This year’s emphasis will be on our own campus and many of the initiatives Notre Dame is taking to tackle the energy challenge here and around the world. It will also be the kick-off week for the Solar Series, discussions on solar energy presented by experts in the field, and What’s It Really Like, an initiative that connects undergraduates with professionals to explore career choices in the energy sector.

Energy Week is planned and coordinated with the help of the Student Energy Board. In a survey that the board conducted last spring, over 90% of respondents indicated an interest in learning more about solar energy. In response to the strong interest in the energy initiatives taking place on campus, there will be a talk about the coal-free by 2020 initiative, an Energy Challenge, and tours.

Several of the events will be co-sponsored with GreeND, the Sustainability Minor, the Center for Social Concerns, and others. These include a documentary, a sustainability fair, and celebrations on Oct. 4 in honor of the Feast of St. Francis. A calendar of events will be posted soon.

ND Energy is a Notre Dame Research center whose mission is to build a better world by creating new energy technologies and systems and educating individuals to help solve the most critical energy challenges facing our world today. For more information, visit the ND Energy website at energy.nd.edu or contact Barbara Villarosa, Business and Communications Program Director, at bvillaro@nd.edu or 574-631-4776.

Originally published by Anne Pillai at energy.nd.edu on August 03, 2016.