Notre Dame Linked Experimental Ecosystem Facility receives social media recognition

Author: Brandi Klingerman


7An eagle flies over ND-LEEF

PR Daily has recognized the University of Notre Dame’s Linked Experimental Ecosystem Facility (ND-LEEF) as part of their Digital PR and Social Media Awards for 2018. The Environmental Change Initiative’s ND-LEEF received the acknowledgement for engaging the community through the #EagleCam at ND-LEEF campaign on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

Ragan and PR Daily run 11 awards programs each year, including the Media Relations Awards, PR Daily Awards, Employee Communications Awards, and Video & Visual Awards. These award programs celebrate teams, organizations, and consultants who have redefined the field with their groundbreaking work and honors the top work in communications, PR, marketing, and media.

In discussing the acknowledgement, Joanne D. Fahey, director of communications for Notre Dame Research, said, “ND-LEEF offers a variety of opportunities for the public to participate in events at their globally unique research facility off-campus, but the in-nest eagle camera delivers a completely new dimension to that participation. By leveraging the interest in the eagles, the local and global community was able to learn about one aspect of research at Notre Dame and see a new side of what the University has to offer.” 

The ND-LEEF social media campaign centered around the in-nest eagle camera that was installed at St. Patrick’s County Park in Fall 2017. A live feed is available online and allowed viewers to watch a pair of bald eagles build their next, lay eggs, incubate the eggs, and eventually showed two eaglets hatching and being raised in the nest. Through various social media outlets, the camera engaged the local community and interested bird-watchers to better understand, appreciate, experience, and witness the natural habitat of bald eagles.

The eagles have returned to the nest and could begin incubating new eggs as early as February. To learn more about the eagles, follow @NDLEEF on Twitter or visit

The Environmental Change Initiative (ND-ECI) at the University of Notre Dame brings together over 50 researchers across disciplines to help people and ecosystems adapt to climate change, mitigate the effects of land use change, predict species occurrences in a shifting world and improve water quality. The initiative works hand-in-hand with partners to support research that matters to society, answering the most critical environmental questions of our time. To learn more about ND-ECI, please visit


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