Notre Dame Research Announces Internal Grants Program Awards

Author: Joanne Fahey

Thirty-two winners of the Internal Grants Program Awards were announced today by Notre Dame Research. The grants were awarded to faculty from five colleges and schools in three categories: Faculty Research Support (Initiation), Faculty Research Support (Regular), and Equipment Restoration and Renewal.


Speaking about the awards, Robert J. Bernhard, Vice President for Research, said, “Notre Dame is committed to investing in its research enterprise and to the people driving its success – our faculty. We are grateful that we have had the resources to offer these grants each year for the past eight years and I am thrilled that every year the level of interest, as well as breadth and quality of proposals, continues to grow. This year’s successful projects and proposals showcase just some of the many highlights of Notre Dame’s research, scholarship, and creative endeavor, all of which are helping us to address the great challenges and questions facing humanity.”

The grant competitions are announced in the autumn of each year, with deadlines typically in December for the Faculty Research Support Grants and February for the Equipment Renewal and Restoration and Library Acquisition Grants. For more information, including how to apply, please visit

For the 2015 Faculty Research Support Initiation Grant Program, the winners were:

Simeon Alder, Assistant Professor of Economics, Measuring Unequal Access to Global Markets in the Maritime Shipping Industry

Corey Angst, Assistant Professor, Mendoza College of Business, Responsible IT Leadership in a Data-Driven World: A Proposal for a Cross-cultural New Research Initiative

Neil Arner, Assistant Professor of Theology, A Critical, Constructive, and Christian Response to Recent Evolutionary Accounts of Morality

Christopher Ball, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Language, and Landscape in Indigenous Amazonia: Mapping Cosmological and Political Dimensions of Place

Catherine Bolten, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Peace Studies, Bushmeat, Disease, and Value: Chimpanzee as Food, Medicine, and Threat in Sierra Leone

Liang Cai, Assistant Professor of History and Faculty Fellow in the Liu Institute, Reviving the Muted Bureaucrats and the Formation of China’s Early Imperial Bureaucracy

Daniel Hungerman, Stepan Family Associate Professor of Economics, Constructing a Dataset of Catholic Parish Bulletins

Fang Liu, Huisking Foundation, Inc. Assistant Professor of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics, Integration of Differential Privacy and Data Synthesis to Protect Data Privacy

Nicole McNeil, ACE Associate Professor of Psychology, Comparison of Three Early Math Interventions

Alexei Orlov, Research Professor of Electrical Engineering, Power Clock Resonators for Reversible Computing

Michael E. Pfrender, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Epigenetic Variation and the Response to Stressful Environments

Julia Adeney Thomas, Associate Professor of History, Hope in the Hinterland: Alternative Economics and the Anthropocene

Jada Benn Torres, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Race, Genetic Ancestry, and Disease Disparity: A Preliminary Study of Uterine Fibroids among American Women

Kevin Vaughan, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, StARD9 as a Novel Human Gene Responsible for Intracellular Cholesterol Transport

Jerry Cheyung Wei, Associate Professor, Mendoza College of Business, Innovative Services through Manufacturing and Finance Integration: A Study of the 3‐tiered Relationship between Buyer, Intermediary, and Supplier

The winners of the 2015 Faculty Research Support Regular Grant Program included:

Christopher Abram, Associate Professor of English, A New Edition and Translation of the Old Norse-Icelandic Sermon Corpus

Mike Amezcua, Assistant Professor of History, The Second City Anew: Mexicans, Urban Culture, and Migration in the Transformation of Chicago, 1940-1986

W. Martin Bloomer, Professor of Classics, The Medieval Schoolbook

David Campbell, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Rooney Center for the Study of American Democracy, Notre Dame Study of Democratic Virtues

Francesca Aran Murphy, Professor of Theology, Illuminating Modernity: The Book Series

Tricia Park, Assistant Professional Specialist of Violin, Department of Music, The Gesualdo Quartet: Resident String Quartet at the University of Notre Dame

Isabelle Torrance, Associate Professor of Classics, War, Trauma, Religion: Aeschylus’ Seven Against Thebes

The Equipment Restoration and Renewal Awardees for 2015 were:

Joel Boerckel, Assistant Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Replacement of Non-functional in vivo Microcomputed Tomography System

William Boggess, Director of the Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility, Replacing Obsolete Windows XP Based Data Systems on Instruments within the Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility

Thomas Corke, Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Replacement of the Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressor of the Hessert Laboratory High-Pressure Blow-Down Facility

Patrick Fay, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Replacement of Dicing Saw for the Notre Dame Nanofabrication Facility

Bertrand Hochwald, Freimann Chair Professor of Electrical Engineering, Notre Dame Millimeter-Band Capability

Bill Kremer, Professor of Art, Art History, and Design, Ceramics Department Equipment Restoration and Renewal

Krupali Krusche, Assistant Professor of Architecture, Acquiring New Grounds in Laser Technology: New Methods of Innovative, Integrated, Multidisciplinary Documentation of World Heritage Monuments

Yahya C. Kurama, Professor and Associate Chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences, Acquisition of an Integrated High-Speed/High-Resolution Three-Dimensional Digital Image Correlation (3D-DIC) Instrument for Advanced Full-Field Response Monitoring of Civil, Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Systems

Jarek Nabrzyski, Director of the Center for Research Computing (CRC), CRC High Performance Distributed Storage: Enabling Computationally Based Data Creation and Analysis

Bradley D. Smith, Emil T. Hofman Chair of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Director of the Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility, Upgrade of Three Electron Beam Devices in the Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility

Notre Dame Research’s Internal Grants Program seeks to support faculty researchers and programs with the goal of advancing the University’s research enterprise. For more information on research funding opportunities, including the Internal Grants Program, please see