VIDEO: Numerical Simulation of NDTAC Flow Field

Author: Jasmin Avila

The animation displays a numerical simulation of the Notre Dame Transonic Axial Compressor (NDTAC) flow field using Very Large Eddy Simulation (VLES) approach; the Q criterion is colored by the total pressure field.

The simulation was performed in a single reference frame (SRF) using ~7,000,000 cells with a mesh designed to produce y+ values of 1. Subgrid-scale model was based on k-omega SST turbulence closure while LES limit was consistent with coherent structure model.

ANSYS Fluent version 16.2 was used to solve the governing equations with modifications to the Reynolds stress tensor calculations to enable VLES model.

By: Dr. Aleksandar Jemcov and Dr. Ryan Kelly



Originally published by Jasmin Avila at on August 09, 2016.