Strengthening REDI-NET Partnerships through Research and Training

Author: Marla Magaña Cansino

Jess Cierra Manurecollection

In late October, partners from the Navy Entomology Center of Excellence (NECE) visited the University of Arkansas (UArk) to beta-test the REDI-NET Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for vertebrate field sampling. This involved UArk partners training NECE folks on conducting arthropod collections from vertebrate hosts, including manure collections, as part of the newly activated Phase III of the REDI-NET Program.

Ectoparasites, such as flies and ticks, were the main arthropods of focus for the training. Training included sample collection methods such as sweep-netting and methodological search of the animal’s body, construction of fly cartons, fly identification, manure collection from livestock vertebrates, and tick collections.

Collected ticks were sent back to NECE for processing, while manure and fly samples will be used to test new processing protocols for the REDI-NET pipeline at UArk.